The Power of Choice

Emotional Healing is a powerful, intuitively-driven practice that creates a space of healing and guidance for a life of happiness, fulfillment and success at your greatest potential.

We each have the power of choice in our own lives. We can choose to base our future successes within the bandwidth of our current paradigms, or we can build belief systems to support a bigger vision for ourselves: A life of financial freedom, physical vitality, career and business success, supportive relationships, and a spiritual connection with your higher purpose. 

By revisiting pivotal periods in our life we can reexamine our belief systems and choose a new way to support the life we want to lead.

As a practitioner of Emotional Healing, I guide my clients to a place where you can make choices free of past limitations, upbringing, and social or societal protocol. By re-focusing our internal navigation we move to making empowered choices from a state of presence. It’s my goal as your facilitator to help you uncover these internal insights, and transform your limitations into opportunity and discomfort into healing.

I know that you already have the answer within you.

If you are ready to experience healing through self-awareness, take the leap and book your session.

When our beliefs change, so do our results.

"I’m able to move beyond all of the limitations I used to believe about myself -
dreaming of the most fulfilling, connected, and purposeful life possible.
Thank you, Emma, for helping light the path for me to find my way back to myself."

- Lizzie V.

My allergies since childhood disappeared...
I started working on another book after loooong case of writer’s block...
I launched my own successful business...and on and on.
But the biggest change I noticed was that life started to feel magic again.
Kind of like when I was a kid.

- Josie R.

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Who emotional healing is for

I truly believe emotional healing is beneficial for everyone, even children. Emotional healing is valuable for anyone who is looking to:

  • Cultivate better relationships with Self and loved ones
  • Create health in the body, mind and spirit
  • Achieve greater abundance and financial wealth
  • Feel a sense of purpose in their career and business
  • Receive higher guidance and creative inspiration
  • Heal past experiences or current limitations
  • Regain a sense of clarity, direction and peace-of-mind
  • Feel more joy and happiness in daily life

I have worked with folks across the globe, including: entrepreneurs and business owners, creatives, parents, young adults, and just about everyone in-between. Emotional Healing is helpful in issues ranging from mental and emotional turmoil, abuse, divorce, adoption, depression, low self-esteem and anxiety to stress and physical ailments.

about the practice

Emotional healing feels much like a guided meditation. Each session is completely different and unique, and tailored specifically to meet your emotional needs and areas that you would like to work on in that session. As a facilitator I use imagery and guided visualization, applied kinesiology (muscle response testing), NLP, chakra work, speaking out feelings, role play, and emotional release work to bring forth awareness of inner belief systems and related behavior.  Clients are lead to a place of healing, forgiveness and insight.

Following your session, I follow-up with suggestions on tools or practices that may offer continued support for you on your journey.

emotional healing and traditional counseling/ therapy

Emotional Healing is not traditional therapy in that I do not diagnose or prescribe medication. This practice is more closely aligned with psychoneuroimmunology (PNI) - the study of the interaction between psychological processes and the nervous and immune systems of the human body. Many clients may have experienced or may be currently working with traditional counselors or therapists and have found emotional healing to be an excellent support to these traditional therapies. 

For more info: please feel free to email me with further questions.