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Special Notice:

Emotional Healing online booking will be available again starting Fall of 2019.

Thank you!

Session Guidelines:

Please block out about 2 hours for your session, the average session lasts about 1.5 hrs.
Sessions are offered over the phone.
Headphones and a quiet space, without interruption, are highly recommended.

Booking information

Schedule changes and cancellations can be made without penalty 24 hours in advance of your appointment. Last minute cancellations are subject to a 50% session fee. All clients are required to check the Terms and Conditions before submitting their booking request. Lastly, please be sure to include the name and email you want to be contacted at for your session and personal follow-up.

pricing and details

Single session: Fall 2019 pricing coming soon
Package of 4 sessions: Fall 2019 pricing coming soon

*Retainer packages are available to select clients. Please inquire for further details.

Booking details: While a single session can create a lot of benefit, I typically find that booking 4-8 sessions, roughly 10 days apart creates a far greater impact in health and healing. Each session can be compared to pulling back a layer of an onion. We are working to heal that layer so that we can get to the next, deeper layer. Typically at least 4 sessions is the minimum before we hit the "core" of the onion, allowing a deep and transformative energetic release.

Payment requests are sent via Freshbooks to the email address provided when booking your appointment. Payment requests are made in-advance of your session. To receive the New Client Package pricing, please book all 4 sessions using the online calendar.  Sessions will need to be booked individually