It’s my intention to reflect and illuminate the greatness within you.  As your emotional healing facilitator, I help you to locate the holes in your sails. Those pesky fears and inaccurate beliefs that keep us from moving forward.  With strength and compassion, I create the space for you to mend the holes, lift back your sails, and chart a new course.

A Bit of Backstory

Looking back, it becomes apparent that I have always had a gift for providing clarity to others: whether that’s a few words of encouragement before a woman takes a giant risk, an inspired business idea shared with an entrepreneur whose business has stagnated, or providing a space where others can be nurtured and heard when life throws us the proverbial curveball (or meteorite). Seeing the inner core of others has always come so easily to me, it hadn’t occurred to me it was a gift.

I worked for years in corporate marketing, and later transferred my abilities into work as a communications consultant, where I used this same skill set with entrepreneurs, small business owners, non-profit boards, and artists.  I helped others start new businesses, rebrand old ones, and launch various creative projects. Often it felt like breathing spirit back into a business.

Enter Emotional Healing

I like to think the practice of emotional healing found me. Despite years of deep study in personal development work, it wasn’t until I discovered emotional healing that I truly understood how impactful emotions are—not just for healing the mind or the body, but also its impact on finances or building a business.

In the course of my initial year-long study in emotional healing, I would purchase my first home, double my primary consulting business, quadruple my income and shake the nearly decade-long feeling that I was lost at sea in an inflatable raft (at night, in a storm).

I graduated, with excellence, from the year-long Facilitator’s Emotional Certification program from The Institute of Healing Arts and completed the graduate program in the summer of 2016.

My Major Influences

I have always had a lifelong commitment to personal and professional development. (Thanks Mom). Raised in a family of successful entrepreneurs, it was in the water we drank.

This was matched by a profound appreciation for nature. (Thanks Dad). Nature walks are my meditation and gardening a well stream for life lessons.

These two loves have supplied a wealth of experiences, training, mentors, and tools that prepared me to become the facilitator I am today. Likewise, they are major contributors in my approach to this practice: bridging spiritual insights with actionable guidance.

I am honored to share this practice with others and deeply grateful to my clients and my teachers on this journey.


Additional Note

To facilitate a safe place for my clients, I hold all sensitive information that may be addressed during a session with great care and confidentiality.