Alignment, Entrepreneurship & Flow - A Podcast

What a pleasure to be featured on Cheryl Leitschuh's podcast: Straight Talk for Smart Business Women. Cheryl is a woman of wisdom, who shares freely through pen and voice, to help women build successful small businesses. 

In her latest episode, I share my own tips for entrepreneurial success through the lens of a healer and teacher. It's no secret that my clientele are often creatives and business owners, or fellow healers themselves.  What advice / tools do I use to be successful as an entrepreneur and what tools do I recommend for my clients? Simple. Give a listen.  (I even included a downloadable chart for those of us that want a map.)

You can visit Cheryl's podcast stream here, to learn more success principles from fellow entrepreneurs.

Alignment and Flow

Alignment is more than just a term that applies to spiritual practice, it applies to every area of our life, including entrepreneurship. Listen to the podcast and download my Alignment Map before, during, or after your listen.

Download: Alignment Map

How do you use this map to get back into the flow?

  1. As you listen to the podcast or read each quadrant's description simply take a temperature, without judgement or self beat-up, as to how you feel you are showing up in that quadrant of alignment. (25% or 100% in alignment?) Make a note on your map.
  2. Identify one area on the map you would like to see improvement.
  3. Use the tool in that quadrant to help get yourself back in alignment. Use my suggestions or create one of your own.
  4. Know that when you make an adjustment in any one of the four quadrants, you are bringing the entire whole back into alignment.

Wishing you flow and entrepreneurial empowerment,